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Ask Us Anything


30 minute 1:1 consultation to get answers to your move abroad, getting residency, or financial independence questions.

One Hour 1:1


1-hour consultation to develop a move abroad plan, or a plan for financial independence.  After this session you will have a plan with next steps.

Side Hustle Coaching


We offer 1:1 coaching to help you develop your side hustle. Whether you want to offer a service, product, or content creation, we can help. We have over 20 years experience helping small business owners grow.

Crack the Code


to Financial Independence.  Learn how to retire ASAP, even if you have nothing saved! Learn to assess spending, calculate the amount to retire, the basics of stock and real estate investing, plus creating more income. *Includes monthly group coaching (This course is created for Black folks who are getting started a little later in life. On-camera sessions are safe spaces)

5 Coaching Call Bundle


Five 1-hour coaching sessions to develop a move abroad plan, a plan for financial independence, a side hustle, or all three. In each session we will review your progress and discuss next steps.  Depending on the time between sessions, after completion you will have; moved abroad, reached some level of financial independence, and/or launched your side hustle.

Why us?

Ric and I got a wake-up call about seven years ago. We were quickly approaching retirement age and we had very little saved. Not only that, we had a mountain of debt! 

We realized that if we continued to live and spend the way we had been that we would NEVER be able to retire. 

At the time we liked our jobs but also dreamed of traveling throughout the United States filming documentaries. It did not seem like that dream could ever become a reality. Thankfully, we changed how we handled our finances and later we found the FIRE movement, which was a game changer. Now we are retired and living our best life in Lisbon Portugal and traveling throughout this side of the world. Our financial independence course for late bloomers is designed for Black folks who are getting their stuff together a little later in life.


“ There was so much more that I learned that I can list here. I am very GRATEFUL for this course...and how it will help us achieve our own utopias! I am forever in your debt!" 


Beyond the Bling is Money Mindset Makeover for Financial Independence Course for Black folks to help them get their money straight.**

(**on camera sessions are protected spaces)