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Financial Freedom

Ready to Retire Toolkit

You do not have to work until you are 62+ years old.  And if you are already passed that age and can see no way to retire, this is for you too.  Most Black folks were not taught about how money works; our parents just believed that you save 10% and hopefully in the end everything would work out.  Retiring from your 9 to 5 cannot be left to a hope and a prayer; you must purposefully plan for it.  Get started with this toolkit.

Investing Basics

It's not rocket science - seriously

Do not leave 100% of your financial planning to a financial planner.  You need to at least have enough knowledge to ask good questions.  This toolkit is designed for the beginner who knows nothing about investing or the stock market.  Get started with this toolkit and then take our course for the next step.

Scouting  Trip Checklist

Make a plan

 A scouting trip is not like taking a vacation.  For it to be meaningful you need to plan what you will be looking for and what you will need to complete to make your final decision. This checklist will get you started.

Budget Travel

Bougie Travel on a pauper's budget 😆 

Ric and I are still building for generational wealth but have no intention on living an austere existence.  There are tips and tricks to not spend as much while enjoying the most exotic destinations.  

💡ProTip: most tour groups are overpriced.

Move Abroad Toolkit

It's not as hard as you may think!

Moving to a new country is not like moving to another state. There are many things to consider and plan for. What are the tax implications and what will you do with your mail are just a couple of many. Get started putting your plan in place with this toolkit


Book a Consultation

Ask Us Anything


30 minute 1:1 consultation to get answers to your move abroad, getting residency, or financial independence questions.

1 : 1 Consultation


1-hour consultation to develop a move abroad plan, or a plan for financial independence. After this session you will have a plan with next steps.

Side Hustle Coaching


We offer 1:1 coaching to help you develop your side hustle. Whether you want to offer a service, product, or content creation, we can help. We have over 20 years experience helping small business owners grow


5 Coaching Call Bundle


Five 1-hour coaching sessions to develop a move abroad plan, a plan for financial independence, a side hustle, or all three. In each session we will review your progress and discuss next steps. Depending on the time between sessions, after completion you will have; moved abroad, reached some level of financial independence, and/or launched your side hustle.